The Ferris Wheel

I have been having this feeling involving me on a Ferris wheel and just relaxing. I have seen myself, on a Ferris wheel, unaccompanied, with my eyes closed, taking in the sweet smell of the ocean. Unafraid of anything that is happening, and loosing myself in the chilly breeze and sights our God has made for us to enjoy. I will do that someday, I will do that all alone with God by my side, and later I will do that with my friends. I am in no hurry for anything else, I will take in every day the LORD gives me, and I will use it as a day to advance spiritually, that is something I am determined to do. I will not try to rush anything in my life unless I am told to, by our wonderful savior. When I say anything I mean anything, Future plans, relationships, school...anything.
My week has been incredibly busy, and kind of lazy too. I want to just relax and not worry about anything for a while. Even if that means me being all alone with God and relaxing. There's constantly something on our minds it would be calming to just forget about all of it for a day and relax. I found out today that I can have a job but that would involve me going down the hill. Meaning I would have to abandon all I have achieved up here in our church. I wonder if it is even worth it. I have wanted to serve the LORD and hopefully someday sing for him, But If I leave I leave my leadership and my chances.
I wonder what God will put in heart after some serious praying. I trust he will choose the correct thing I must do. My life has been amazing more than I can ever have pictured has happened. It feels as if I am "walking on the stars". God has done so much for me, he has even allowed me to meet such wonderful beautiful people who have become more than just friends, but family.
The weather is soo beautiful too, I have always been one of those winter people, so I plan to move to a very cold pace with my friend Coco soon. I can not wait for all of that...But of course it is all up to God in the end. Whether he finds it acceptable or not, and allows it to happen. I see so many things that will happen soon though.
I am slowly seeing leader among my bible group rising up. They are all going to advance spiritually and I will have some of the greatest leaders ready to serve God the first chance they have.
Even in my family I have seen many serving God in a very special way! I know they will have many things in their life that will try to bring them back, however they will be much stronger. I have so much faith in my family, and in other people, I can just see right away what they will soon become.
Today one of my good friends will become a leader, It will be a party today as we get together and celebrate his new leadership. I know he will do great! He will be a great leader, and I know he will help a lot of people. It is soo beautiful how God just chooses and Uses. :) He makes you understand his word and helps you apply it, he makes you see what you were doing before you met him and makes you realize that they no longer mean anything anymore.
The Ferris wheel goes to a point where it lets you see all around the area you are at, and just like that God chooses a point in your life where you can see all around you. It is kind of like he actually opens your eyes to all you are doing and makes you ask yourself, Am I liking this area of my life right now?... what am I doing that is not working out or that is making me soo upset? why do i feel so displeased? what can I do to improve this?...I remember asking myself these question before I was baptized, and even before I started going to church. I know it was God finally letting me reach the Top of that Ferris wheel and letting me see all the areas of my life, He knew that then, was when I was ready to listen to him and when I was ready to change all that was unpleasing to him. He knew that then was when I was seeking a change in my life, and he helped me with just that...Change.

"He said, 'The right time has come. The kingdom of God is near. Change your hearts and lives and believe the Good News!'" -Mark 1:15

Keep Blogging and God Bless!

-Lizbeth L.

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