Let Go and Let God in.

"Why am I discouraged?
Why is my heart so sad?
I will put my hope in God!
I will praise him again—
my Savior and my God!"
-Psalm 42:11
Up until today I have been facing a couple things that have been affecting me emotionally. I have tried to put an end to my negative thinking and have failed. Even though I am certain that soon enough it all shall pass I still manage to let some sort of negative comment enter my mind. Which left me with some questions. How can someone endure pain and manage to place a smile on their face? It seems utterly impossible to be happy when everything around you is falling apart right?
Well, the answer is no. I have come to understand, with a lot of praying and meditating on God's Word, that the smile they have is a hope that soon enough everything will get better. It is the faith in God that helps them perservere in times of endless misery. God promises to help us through those hard situations He promises a light at the end of the tunnel. Something we must learn to do is trust in Him and allow Him to take control. If I trust anyone with my life I would choose God. He is the one who created me afterall so I know my life is safe in His hands. We need to learn to let go and let God take control. We can't keep holding on and allow ourselves to take control. We will fall. When we try to fix things on our own we are dissapointed when it doesn't work out.
So when the time comes to let go of a certain situtation or a certain person we must do it and do so happily knowing that God has greater plans. It is the sacrifice we must do for God. To let go of something we have held on for so long to make room for our heavenly Father. How can we expect to be happy and to recieve our blessing when we are still holding on to the past. When we are still holding on to the memories of the past. The victories of before. Don't worry you won't be alone, although you may feel a bit empty at first but when God occupies that space in your heart you will be complete again. The only thing you have to do is let the past out and let God in.
That is God's love to take away something you don't need to give you something you can't live without.It is His great mercy to take something that will not benefit your life to give you something you can't survive without. It is God who gives you permanent blessings and temporary blessings, both of which He gives and takes away for a reason. A reason that in the beginning we may not be able to see but in the long run we will enjoy. Instead of looking for Love in other people look towards God who is reaching out to you. Trying to win your heart, trying to become a part of your life. So instead of asking God "Why me?" say "what now?" Be more than willing to take and accept everything God does in your life. Smile, and know that God is in control He will not let you be sad forever He is doing something special in your life. Just wait and don't forget to praise Him.
"And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them." -Romans 8:28
Be blessed in Jesus name. Amen :)

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  1. I <3 this one Lizzie!! CRazy, but was EXACTLY what I needed to read!