Dance-walk Through Life's Struggles

I am finding it hard to go a day without smiling. I am more than positive that it's the Lord putting in me a spirit of happiness. I have been such an optimistic person these couple days I look forward to everyday. This joy that comes from my God I can't and won't ever replace. I will never want to get rid of it it's wonderful. The I begin school this Monday and I am more than excited I am ready to get my brain working again. Our very awesome worship group is doing an amazing fundraiser. WE ARE SELLING CAKE POPS!! That makes me feel all warm inside. The Kids ministry is doing a BAKE SALE!!! That makes me feel even more cozy inside. I love desserts and sweet treats.I am officially extra excited for this year, I see and feel big things coming. If you are feeling down today no worries take a step back and look at all the good things going on in your life. There is plenty to smile about. P.s I found a wonderful youtube channel called SoulPancake. They have a street team and they thrive to make people smile. Let's dance walk though this life.

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