A Week in New York City

She had always dreamed of one day walking the streets of New York.
Looking up at the buildings while feeling the cold New York weather.
Watching the New York civilians rush to their destinations.
Sitting in a subway alongside people she had never met.
Watching the great talents of random subway station performers.
All of which share one thing in common
The need for some extra cash.
She had always dreamed, and finally the Lord made her dreams a reality.
She walked and walked until her feet could no longer take another step,
but even so she continued to walk those busy New York streets.
And along the way she captured each moment on camera.
Now weeks have passed since she returned home.
Nothing left but memories and photographs.
Now she longs for the day she can return to the beautiful streets of New York City.
Even though she has returned home her heart still whispers,
I LOVE New York.

I can't wait to revisit this beautiful city. One day, NYC, I will be with you again.

My favorite place of all was Central Park. I can say that I miss this part the most. It's so Beautiful.

We even witnessed a beautiful wedding.

Some of my friends went on a boat ride across this lake. Unfortunately I did not, but next time I will.

We went to Park avenue, and even went to 740 Park avenue, a luxury apartment building.

Then there was the 911 memorial. Silence was everywhere as they took in the beautiful memorial in the same exact spot that the tragedy of 911 occurred.

This right here is the most handsome person you will ever meet.

Well we saw a lot of other great things, such as, the empire state building, the statue of liberty, the apple store, and the yankees stadium. I got honked at because i was crossing the street and right in the middle the "do not cross 'sign popped up. I was so intrigued by how fast-paced this city was, and I must admit it felt great to get honked at in New York City. NYC is beautiful ALL THE TIME! I can't wait to go back.

Here are more pictures of my trip.