A Trip to Las Vegas

This weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Las Vegas! Now let's clear something up, I did not go to Vegas to Party, we went for a church event. I thought it was quite wonderful. The event was amazing. God spoke in a amazing ways, ad we had the opportunity to explore a city I have never been to. It was quite the experience.
I now understand why they call this place sin city. However, I am not here to judge, the city is still beautiful. There are so many amazing hotels, very luxurious. I did not like the smell of smoke everywhere though, but other than that it was a great experience.

We even had the opportunity to visit Buddy's new restaurant and ate there. It was delicious. Then we got to meet some of the his family members. and went on the Big Apple roller coaster ride. It was very fun! Here are our pictures.

Then night time came, and while others were off drinking the night away, we got dressed up and headed to the church event titled "Elevate". It was amazing!

Here is a picture of my one and only and me ready to praise the Lord!

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