5 of My Favorite Pinterest Hairstyles

Hello All,

So today I figured I would do something a little different. I am a faithful Pinterest user, and I often go to Pinterest for outfit ideas, easy DIY's, and even hairstyles. Let's face it,  Pinterest has it all. Today I thought I would feature five of my favorite Pinterest hairstyles.

I know there are a variety of hairstyles on Pinterest, so it was rather difficult to gather only five. As hard as it was, I compiled the five hairstyles that I would most likely try on my own hair. So I suppose you can say that these hairstyles are a little more my style. Maybe on my next post I can choose hairstyles that I wouldn't normally choose to wear.

Just to clarify, none of these pictures belong to me, I simply found them on Pinterest. Well anyways, let's get started.

This first look is usually my go to hairstyle. I struggle a lot with my bangs, so they are usually pinned back to where I don't have to deal with them falling over my eyes. I also love the texture in her hair. Her hair is thick and it has a messy wave to it. It is gorgeous and easy. 

This is such a unique braid. I love every kind of braid. French braids, fishtail braids, 3 strand braids, 4 strand braids, 5 strand braids, dutch braids, well you get the point. Braids are amazing. They are simple, and they look great. What I like about this braid is that it only goes along one side of the hair which makes it look unique, and if you tug the strands it will create some great volume at the roots, and throughout the entire braid. Adorable. 

I am sure we have all heard of the top knot or the ballerina bun. This hairstyle is so adorable and you can also dress it up with bows or, as I've seen on Pinterest, with flowers. I personally have never tried putting flowers on my head with one of these pretty buns, but it is definitely on my list.

This next one is an elegant updo. In the picture above it is worn with what seems to be a wedding dress. This is actually very pretty for something more casual too. I personally prefer having my hair down, but when it comes to updos these are a little more my style. I love updo's that incorporate braids and twists.

And I will end with the classic ponytail. This pony is adorable. I usually like throwing my hair up, when I don't feel like doing anything to my hair. Adding a soft curl and bow like the picture above gives it a more different and modern look. I love this because it is so simple and sweet. I also love how the elastic is covered by a strand of hair, this gives the pony a whole new look.

These hairstyles are all simple, which is exactly why I chose them Simple is usually better, well at least in my eyes. Do you have any cute hairstyles from Pinterest that you love?

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