Car Shows, Fake Accidents, and Fun

Hello all! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. My weekend was filled with laughter, Jack in the Box, homework, naps, classic cars, and fake accidents. Yes you read correctly. I said fake accidents. I will explain more about what I mean in a bit.

On Saturday, I had the opportunity to visit a museum. Fire fighters and sherifs were having a special event at this museum. It was fun except for one thing, the heat. I was dying, melting, and dehydrating. If it wasn't for the raspberry smoothie I was drinking, I think I would of dropped from the heat.

This event showcased a collection of classic cars. Yes, there was a car show! It was quite lovely. This was the first car show I had ever attended, so it was exciting for me.

Here are a few random shots of random objects. 

This Butts tin was sitting on our bench. People would come and place their cigarette butts in this. I didn't realize it said butts until after the picture was taken.

Enjoy this lovely trashcan. 

And finally, the fake accident. The towns fire department was demonstrating what they do when an accident occurs. No one was hurt during the demonstration, but it seemed very real.

A couple of my friends and I went to the scene, and asked if we could film a video there. I will post the video soon. 

Here a few close up pictures of my nephew. 

So how was your weekend? I hope you had an amazing one. 

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