Friday Faves

Hello all and happy Friday! Friday's are always a big hype, but to me it just seems like any other day. I suppose when I was in High school it was a BIG deal because I would look forward to relaxing and doing nothing, but now the one thing I do look forward to on Fridays is church. Fun, fun, fun!

I thought I'd kick off this wonderful hyped up day with some of my favorite things. There is no specific reason why I chose these things besides the fact that they make my mouth curve into a smile.

Favorite Verse: Hebrews 10:35-36

This verse came at the right time for me last night. Before you decide to give up on your walk with God remember all that He has promised you. All of His promises are true. Keep persevering to that finish line. You will see how everything you may be going through now will be worth it in the end. 

Favorite Shoes: These pointy toe flats from Aeropostale 

Favorite Hairstyle: This twisted half-do from my Totally Twisted Bun tutorial

I got this from my Totally Twisted Bun Tutorial. How did I not think about leaving it down like this. It looks so sweet. All you have to do is stop at Step 3. Tadaaa! 

Favorite Clothing Texture: LACE, LACE, LACE!!!! 

I love lace guys. creamy colored lace. It's gorgeous. I didn't even have to edit this picture, it's came out soft and clear on it's own. 

Favorite Book: Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay

This book is intense. I love it though. 

Favorite Detox Water: Natural Belly Slimming Detox by Blogilates 

Favorite DIY: Grapefruit Mint Poppyseed Soap by a Beautiful Mess 

And, I would like to end this with my favorite bag as of right now. I had seen this bag on a beautiful mess blog: 

This Tribal Medium Tote from Sole/Society 

 What are some of your favorites?  I hope you have a wonderful Friday and weekend. Until next time.