Pencil Skirts

Happy Thursday beautiful people. I was going about my day, and I felt inspired to put together outfits. I guess I was in a fashionista mood. I am no fashionista, but I believe everyone has their own sense of style.

Last year in a women's conference, the speaker had said that everyone has their own way of dressing. An outfit that someone might find beautiful, another may find repulsive. She went ahead stating that the way we dress is a form of expressing who we are. I believe that is true.

Today I am going to feature four pencil skirt outfits I think are adorable. Pencil skirts are very feminine, yet they seem to add a sort of intelligence. We usually see pencil skirts on business women or teachers, they can be dressed up or dressed down. They are absolutely a must in my book.

I created these outfits using Polyvore. If you have not heard of Polyvore, it is a website that brings out the fashionista in all of us. It makes it easy to create outfits, and even buy them. Although, most of the items on there are pricey, it is fun to create outfits and to gather ideas for your closet.

Well anyways lets get started.

1. This soft outfit I adore. I love pointy heels with pencil skirts, it gives it a more serious look, but the beige makes it more fun. I also love the bow on the neck area, it makes the shirt look vintage and different. I do not own a pink pencil skirt, but I sure would love to. 

2. This look is a little more serious, yet it is still playful. I took three simple colors and mixed them together. I love how all of these pieces are solid colors. I was actually inspired by a pin on pinterest, and I tried my best to remake this outfit on polyvore. This is the best I could do. The original pin looks like this:

I think I came pretty close. I love the simplicity of this outfit. Combined with the ponytail, it makes it look like the perfect office outfit. 

3. This outfit is a little more fun than the last one. I put a patterned Pencil skirt with a simple white crop top. I love crop tops they are comfortable and incredibly stylish. I love pointy shoes too, and I believe that every girl should own a pair of black heels. 

4. Lastly, is this spring look. I definitely need to incorporate more patterned pieces into my wardrobe, since most of my clothing consists of solid colors. This is such an adorable look, I love the pink combination with this skirt. This is definitely something I would not mind wearing. 

What are some of your favorite pencil skirt outfits? 

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