Pineapple and Lime Refresher

Hey guys! Summer is so close. I can feel it. Although I strongly dislike the heat, I am a bit excited for it to come. I have a refreshing drink for you today. My sister was so kind to show me how she made it, and I realized that it is incredibly simple.

For this refreshing drink you will need:

That's right! You will only need three ingredients well four counting water.

-One lime
-pineapple chunks
-chia seeds.

*You can add ice if you want, but I usually don't since the pineapple chunks are already frozen.

Add all of your ingredients in a cup or a mason jar.

Chia seeds are very good for you. They are a great source of fiber, and they don't taste like anything which makes it even better. You can add them to your drinks and food, and it won't change the flavor of anything.

And you are done!! Once you mix your ingredients together you can let it sit for about 30 minutes, so that the pineapple flavor can infuse the water. If you like lemon water then go right ahead and drink it as soon as you mix everything together. Do whatever makes you happy.

I think it is tasty, and I always want to drink it fast, so I can eat the pineapple at the end.

What is your favorite thing about summer? Mine is all the delicious fruits we get to eat. Oh, and the flowers!

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