Totally Twisted Bun

I love the way twists look, and I often try to incorporate them into my hairstyles. I am a huge fan of braids, but twists are also high on my list. I was trying to find new updos for me to wear because I always wear my hair down with curls, so I was experimenting on my niece's hair.
My niece has a full set of curly hair, so her bun came out more voluminous then mine will, but I loved this bun nonetheless. What I love about it the most is that it is extremely simple. It is definitely a go to hairstyle when you are pressed for time. I also feel like it would be great for casual and a more elegant wear. 
But anyway, lets get to the tutorial. 

1. Start off by grabbing a section from the crown of your head. You are going to twist this section and bobby pin it down. As you can see I refrained from pinning this section right in the middle. I like side updos so I pinned it a bit to the side. 

2. Next, you are going to grab a section from the left side of your head, and you are to twist that all the way around to the opposite side. Loosen up the twists for added volume, and pin in place. This twist should go over the previous bobby pinned twist and hide it. 

3. You are now going to grab a smaller section from the opposite side and twist. This twist should twist under the previous twist. Bobby pin in place.  

4. Now you are going to grab the remaining hair and you are going to do a regular three stand braid. For this look, I tugged on the braid for added volume. 

5. Finally, you are going to twist the braid around in a bun. How many bobby pins you use really depends on your hair type. You can spray with hairspray to prevent frizz, as you can see my niece has a lot of little hairs that stick out. But anyways, that is it. Your bun should look like the picture below.

I went ahead and added a little sunflower on the side. 

Easy right! This hairstyle is incredibly simple, and it doesn't take a lot of time. What is your usual quick go to hairstyle?

I had tons of fun shooting pictures of my niece. We were hang tons of fun and laughing. Here are some of the best shots we got.

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