Storing Beauty Products in the Refrigerator

What!? Yes you read correctly. Many people are putting their body sprays, perfumes, and cremes in the refrigerator. It is said that this little tip will make your beauty products last longer. 
According to 

"The refrigerated temperature helps slow chemical reactions and eventual changes in the formula over time, which will prolong the life of your beauty products. "

Keeping your beauty products in the refrigerator will help keep them cool. This cool temperature helps your products scent last longer. I have heard that leaving your perfume or body sprays in the car on a hot summer day can ruin your perfumes scent.  That is why I refuse to leave my perfumes in my bag inside a car. 

Dramatic changes in temperature, direct light, or warmth can cause your body sprays and perfumes to go stale. It is better to keep your products in a cool and dark place. It can be tempting to display your beautiful perfume bottles out in the open, but by doing this, you are affecting your products effectiveness. 

I know it may sound strange to have your beauty products sitting next to your mustard, but if you have no problem with that I suggest you go give this little tip a try. It does not hurt to get a spritz of fresh scented body spray before you go out in the blazing heat of summer. 
Please refrain from storing your beauty products in the freezer this will only ruin your products. 

-Keep your perfumes and body sprays away from direct light
-Keep your products away from humidity
-Store in a cool place 

These little tips will help prolong each of your products effectiveness. I am about to place my products in the fridge and give it a try. What do you think of this little tip? Is it weird or does it make sense? Have a wonderful day. 

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