Give Me Faith

"Then Jesus told them, “I tell you the truth, if you have faith and don’t doubt, you can do things like this and much more. You can even say to this mountain, ‘May you be lifted up and thrown into the sea,’ and it will happen." 
-Matthew 21:21

Faith is one of the most important things to have as a Christian. If we do not have faith in God, then who or what are we believing in. It is important to acquire that faith in Jesus, in order for us to achieve things within our spiritual life. Not only does faith help our spiritual life grow, it can also help us in other areas of our lives. 

When Abraham's faith was tested, God told him to take his one and only son Isaac to the land of Moriah. Isaac was to be sacrificed as a burnt offering for the Lord. Abraham did not hesitate. God saw his faith, and allowed Isaac to live (Genesis 22).

I often think about this, and I must admit it would be very difficult to have to sacrifice my one and only child. Although God would most likely not tell us to do this now, he does ask us to sacrifice a lot of other things that we hold dear to our hearts. Whether we have the faith to trust that God knows what He is doing, is on us? Will we be like Abraham and not hesitate to let certain things go in order for us to achieve something far greater; or will we continue to hold on to these things and let go of our opportunity for growth. 

David's faith was tested when he encountered goliath. Although his obvious stature was far greater than his, he did not hesitate to face him. He even rejected Saul's armor, and chose to do it all on his own with the help of the Lord.  (1 Samuel 17:32-51)

It can be a bit overwhelming to do what David did, but when you have faith in God and in all He can do, you don't hesitate. 

Faith gave Sarah, a sterile woman, a child. Faith gave Noah another opportunity to live, through the boat he built. It was by faith that the walls of Jericho came crashing down. It was by faith that a prostitute and the people in her city were not destroyed. 

There are many people in the Bible that through faith achieved many things that could not of been acquired any other way. 

We need to ask God for a stronger faith. Is there something in you that you are having trouble letting go of. Trust in God. He knows us better than we do, and he is the only one who can help us succeed in this life. 

What is impeding growth in your life. Ask God to examine you, and ask Him to show you everything that's within you that is not allowing growth. 

Ask for stronger faith. Faith to do all that God has appointed you to do, faith that you will overcome everything that is coming against you, and faith that you will grow. You are a child of God. You have the greatest Father of all. So don't walk around with a defeated attitude. Have faith in the One you serve.  He is all you need to be successful in this life. Believe it. 

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