Three DIY Headbands

Hey guys!
Today I am coming to you with some fun DIY headbands all made out of many types of Fabric. These headbands are fun and ready for summer. I am very excited to show you how I made them. They are not that hard to recreate I have three different styles here; I have a Girly Bow Headband, A Vintage Navy Head Wrap (knot Headband), and a Boho Chevron Turban. So have fun, and make them your own.

You will need:
-Random old shirts or fabric of any kind.

Don't worry if you do not know how to sew. As my family and friends know I am not very savvy with sewing, but even this was easy for me. So don't be intimidated. Anyway, let's get to it.


This is actually my favorite because it is so girly, and I love bows and florals. I made this headband using an old floral shirt I don't use anymore.

(Picture 2 and 3) Cut a thick strip along the bottom. How thick it is depends on how thick you would want your headband to be.

- (Picture 4) Then, cut the strip of fabric open.

-Next, you are going to cut the fabric so that you have a long strip, and a shorter strip.

Measure the longer strip around your head so you can cut it to the size that will fit your head. (Sorry I didn't get a picture of this.) Once you have the size you need sew the longer strip again so it can be in the shape of a headband.

(Picture 1) Now insert the smaller strip of fabric inside the headband. Just like the picture above.
-(Picture 2) The smaller strip of fabric should envelop the headband. Sew the smaller strip together. It should look like a small headband. inside a bigger headband.
-(Picture 3) Now squeeze the middle of the smaller strip in the shape of a bow.
-(picture 4) Lastly get a smaller strip of fabric and sew it in the middle to hold it all in place.

My shirt had a green lace at the bottom, so I just cut it and used that as the center.


This is a head wrap headband, and it's actually the simplest one I did. I used some extra fabric I had laying around.

-(Picture 1) I started this one out by cutting a thick strip of fabric.
-(Picture 2) Then, cut the strip of fabric open.

You should be left with one long strip of fabric.

This is a no sew headband.
-(Picture 1) All you have to do is wrap the strip of fabric around your head.
-(Picture 2) Bring it back to the front and tie the ends in a knot. (Shown below)

You are done!


For this headband you just repeat the same steps as the first headband.

-Cut a thick strip of fabric.
-This time instead of having a smaller strip and a longer strip, cut it right in the middle.
-(Picture 1 and 2) Sew one of the strips together again and insert the other strip in the headband, and sew it back together.
-Place it on your head like a regular headband.


I hope these were very easy to follow. Let me know if you have any problem, or if you try these out and if it works out for you.

Thank you very much to tuning in. I have some very cool things coming up in the near future. Things that I just want to spill already, but I can't. (*hint *hint) I am collaborating with some very beautiful bloggers, so stay tuned for that. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Remember to walk in confidence, and love yourself!

Let me know what you would like to see more of.

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