Friday Faves

Favorite Photograph from my adventure at the park

Favorite View by Sarah McCay: I must get a picture like this too! 

Favorite Yummy Sandwich by Jessica

Adorable Babies by Oh Beautiful World:

Favorite Quote: 

Favorite laid-back Hairstyle: 

Favorite Shoes by Elf //$110

Favorite Verse: 

Favorite Ice Cream Sandwich DIY Trick by Lauren Conrad 

Favorite Hair Accessory: Flowers.

Here is another segment of Friday Faves. I have been slumped with finals, so it has been difficult for me to post lately, but here they are. What are some your favorites. I will get back on writing daily as soon as finals are over. Remember to never leave things for the last minute, or else you end up working twice as hard. 
Stay positive, and remember that you are worth so much. Even if you feel otherwise, There is One who loves you! Have a wonderful weekend and God bless. 

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