Summer Braid Series: Triple Braided Bun

Hello all! It's wednesday. When I was younger, I remember I would always look forward to Wednesdays. They used to be my favorite days because Wednesdays used to be minimum day at school, but now Monday's are my favorite days!..What!? Well anyway before I start going on and on about my strange childhood, I am excited it is wednesday. I thought I would welcome the middle of the week with our very first braided hairstyle for our Summer Braid Series. Woo! 

I searched and experimented, and finally I found one that works. It is extremely simple, and you may not know this but I am love with simplicity. 

Well anyways, enough with this long intro let's get to the tutorial. 

You will need: 
-3 rubberbands/elastics
-bobby pins

Step #1 (Picture left) 
Grab your hair and pin it into a half do. If you notice most of my updo's begin with this step. I do it because I like to have some volume at the crown of my head for every updo.

Step #2 (Picture Right) 
Separate your hair into three sections, and braid these three sections. Tighten the ends of these braids with your rubber bands or elastics. 

 Step #3 (picture left)
Grab one of the braids and wrap it around two fingers, and then roll it up and bobby pin into place.

Steps number four and five should be the same as step three.

Then you are done!!!

I hope you have a wonderful day. Let me know if you have any suggestions for the Summer Braid Series.

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