Summer Braid Series: Twisted Fancy

Hello all, I am loving having to incorporate braids into all of my hairstyles. It is fun, but it could be a bit challenging at times. What I love about it, is that braids make every hairstyle ten times better.

Today I have a side swept half-do with a twist, literally. Let's get this going.

Grab a thick section from one side of your head. Preferably the section where you're bangs are located. Braid this section and pin it on the back of your head.

Next you are going to grab the hair from the opposite section and twist it over to the other side. This is creating the side swept look.

Twist this section over the braid you've created and bobby pin into place, but do your best to hide your bobby pins.

And you are done, it should look like this. 

Here you go! I hope you like it, and try it. Have a beautiful day, and stay fresh!

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