Weekend Roundup

Hello and happy Monday. I had an amazing weekend. The weather was intense, but I stayed fresh by relaxing and having fun in the pool. It was so perfect and cool in there. I did not want to get out. After a great service, my friends and I headed out to another friend's house who happens to have a beautiful deep and fresh pool. So my day was spent with some awesome people, and we all stayed cool and did a little swimming, well a lot of swimming.

I like the last picture because it looks like I was up in the sky. Makes me want to go back on a plane!...Soon.

On another note. since this is the first official full month of summer I wanted to welcome summer by starting a Summer Braid series. Any hairstyle that I do for the rest of this month will include some sort of braid, and the hairstyle itself will have a summer feel. I feel it is appropriate at this time, so look out for that. So many exciting things coming up, so remember to keep an eye out.

Well I hope you all have a wonderful Monday. Remember to stay fresh, and continue smiling.


  1. This looks so refreshing sadly my weekend was spent doing nothin! I can't wait for the summer braid series(:

  2. Well even doing nothing can be fun at times. Yay! I am excited too!