Weekend Roundup

Hello, happy Monday to you all! It's time to commence a brand new week and make brand new memories. I am extremely excited to show you what I did this weekend. I had a blast at Santa Monica beach this weekend, and I could not pass up the opportunity to take pictures of it all.

It is official I have become one those people who constantly has a camera in her hand, but I am okay with that. The awesome thing about it is that I wasn't the only one. I saw so many people who had beautiful cameras at the beach. It was amazing.

The weather was all over the place that day. It was warm and sunny, and then it started raining. After the rain calmed down, it was humid. Besides the bipolar weather, I truly enjoyed my time. I can not wait to see what this weekend has in store. Stay tuned for brand new hairstyles and fashion picks.

What did you do this weekend? Whatever it was, I hope you had a blast.

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