3 Beach Ready Hairstyles//Collab with PKid Chicks

Hello beautiful people! I am so excited to introduce to you a very special collaboration. I know this has been anticipated since the day it was announced, and now here we are. I have collaborated with two beautiful ladies, Stephanie and Nicole, from PKidChicks. If you have not heard of PKidChicks, let me briefly explain what they are all about.

Meet PkidChicks Stephanie and Nicole:

These two lovely ladies are dedicated to bringing modest fashion to women all over the world. Their clothing store features a lot of beautiful modest clothing, that is so difficult to find now-a-days. These wonderful ladies are so kind, and only want whats best for their customers. They are inspirational, and choose to dress according to God's standards. They are called PKidChicks because they are Pastor's Kids, hence the PK. From the moment I found out about their dedication and passion, I knew I wanted to work with them.

We have teamed up and we have brought you a wonderful beach series. Since Summer is coming to an end, we figured most of you will want to hit the beach a few more times. They have come up with three gorgeous beach-ready outfits, and I have come up with three beach-ready hairstyles, which I will be showing you right now. So, let's get to it!


Let us begin with this triple twisted pony. It is a regular low pony tail, with a twist. Those twists in the back make the pony seem more appealing to me.

Begin by grabbing a section of hair from the crown of your head, and tie that up with a rubber band (Picture 1).
Next, grab that same section, and part in the middle. You are going to insert the little pony in between the parted section (Picture 2). The pony should go inside the parted section from above not below.
It should look like picture 3.

Now you are going to grab another section below the one you did before, and you are going to secure that with a rubber band as well. Make sure to incorporate the previous pony with the new pony.
Follow the exact same steps.
You should begin to see the twisted design in the back of your head. (picture 6)

Now you are going to grab the rest of your hair, and secure into a low ponytail.
Part that section in half and slide your hair inside that parted section. Then you are done.


Next I'm going to show you this beautiful fishtail braid with a three strand braid combo. I fell in love with this braid the moment I did it on my hair. Theres something about fishtails that I absolutely love. 

You will begin by grabbing a small section from the front of your head. This section should be where you usually have your bangs. Or if you do not have bangs, it should be the section that has the most hair when you do a side part. (picture 1.)

French braid the hair only about three times. This means that you are going three strand braid your hair but be incorporating sections from the top and bottom. Only do this about half way through. If you are lost click on this French Braid Tutorial by HowCast

Then, braid normally all the way down. (picture 2.)

Next you will tug on the sections. This makes the braid appeal thicker and voluminous. (picture 3) 
Secure with a rubber band. (Picture 4.)

Next, gather the rest of your hair in the back of your head, and begin fishtail braiding. There is no easy way to explain a fishtail braid, so watch this Fishtail Tutorial by HowCast, and then come back. 

Now you are going to tug on the sections to make this braid loose and more natural looking. Then once you have achieved the desired thickness of the braid you are done! 

Lastly I have this Hippy braid hairstyle that I absolutely adore! It sort of reminds me of boho chic, and I am a huge fan of boho fashion. So this has to be one of my favorites as well. 

To begin grab a section from the front of your head separate into three sections. Start braiding normally two times. On the third time you will begin your french braid. Make sure to braid going towards the back of your head. To avoid any unwanted bumps. Tie strand with a rubber band. 

Next, grab another section from the opposite side and do the same. Then secure with a rubber band.

Tug on these sections to make them appear thicker and more voluminous. (Pictures 5 and 6)

Now comes the tricky part. Grab both sections and place them on the back of your head. Tie these sections together in a knot. It should look as if your about to tie a shoe lace, but stop after the first knot. (picture 7 and 8) Place bobby pins around these section to secure them in place. 

Next start wrapping the rest of the braids around the previous knot. Underneath and above to create this messy bun like braid in the back of your head. (picture 9, 10)

I just starting bobby pinning on what I thought looked good. My hair is also pretty long, so I found that I was wrapping for a while. So it all depend on the length of your hair and on what you think looks best on you. 

Lastly, grab a section from whichever side you prefer, I chose my right, and create a regular three strand braid. Secure with a rubber band. You don't need to tug on this braid, but if you would want to, go right ahead. Once you have completed this step you are done.

 And that is it guys! I hope you liked these hairstyles. I tried finding beach hairstyle inspirations on Pinterest. I tried coming up with my own, and I combined them. These three hairstyles are something I would personally wear to the beach, and I hope it inspires you guys the next time you choose to visit the beach, if you don't already live there!

Don't forget to check out Stephanie and Nicole's Fashion picks for the beach here, and keep checking back to their page because they constantly have many fun outfit ideas.

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They have not paid me to promote them in this way. I just genuinely love these kindhearted girls, and I wish everyone would know about them.

Trust me, you will all fall in love with them if you haven't already. Let me know what you think, and let me know if you would want more fun collaborations like this. Don't forget to keep smiling always.

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  1. OMG I love Pkid Chicks, all of their fashion!

    1. Aww yes they are soo beautiful inside and out. :)