Friday Faves

Favorite DIY Photography Prop: Giant Paper Flowers from Ruche

Favorite Dessert: Peach Pistachio Caramel Crumble Recipe by I Am A Food Blog

Favorite Shoes: City Search Ankle Boots from Ruche ($52.99)

Favorite Powerful Quote:

Favorite Modest Style: Nautical Stripes by A Spoonful of Style

Happy Friday to you all once again. It seems as though the weeks just keep strolling by without any pause. I am extremely excited for today because I get to spend some time in the house of the Lord. How amazing is that! Well my lovely beauties. I have compiled some of my favorite finds this week, and I hope you enjoy them too. 

Let me apologize for the misunderstanding with the collaboration I was supposed to have this week. It seems as though the dates have been confused. This special Collab is coming out next weekend for sure. I am very excited to introduce to you two special kindhearted PK's (Pastors Kids) who dedicate themselves to serving the Lord and dressing modestly. Do you know who I am talking about? If you don't, you must wait until next week to find out.  I am so excited!

I want to talk a little more about that inspirational quote I found via Pinterest. The quote says "He sees and calls out the good in us that we can't even see ourselves." 

Something I absolutely love about having a close relationship with God, is that I don't have to pretend to be someone else to be noticed by Him. He already knows me, and all He wants is my honesty and obedience. 

How comforting is it to know that even though we are unable to see how beautiful and good we are, God always notices. He sees the real us, even when we are trying to hide it. He notices what is inside our hearts, even though we may be trying to cover it all up. 

We shouldn't have to hide ourselves, and we shouldn't have to try to impress other people. The only One we should try to impress is the Lord. How can we impress Him, by being genuine and open hearted. By saying, "I am here, and I am Yours, Do with me what you will." Be disposable to do whatever He has called you to do.  

I encourage you to smile a little more than usual. Be comforted with the fact that God loves you.

Have a great weekend!! 
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