Messy Beach Waves Tutorial

Hello everyone. I am very excited to be showing you my version of the messy beach waves tutorial. I know there are many tutorials out there on how to achieve them, but today I am going to show you what I usually do to achieve them.

Let's get started.

To begin, I used this txt it tousle waves spray by L'oreal. It is a sea salt spray that leaves your hair feeling very texturized and beachy( if that's even a word).

Spray this texturizing spray on your roots and evenly throughout your hair. I sprayed this a lot of times all over my hair.

Now scrunch your hair and tousle it around.

For this next step you will grab sections of your hair and twist them away from your face. With a blow dryer you will dry these sections.

You can either blow dry them, or let them dry naturally if you have enough time. But if you are impatient as I am at times, a blow dryer will do the job perfectly.

You're hair should look messy and texturized.

Next you will grab a wand or you can grab a clip curler like the one I am holding and wrap your hair around it with the clip closed. (it should look as if you are wrapping it around a wand.)

I curled some sections away from my face, and then I curled some sections toward my face. This makes the curls look messy. This is the look you are trying to achieve.

*Tip Keep the section around the curler for 10-15 seconds only....You want the sections to be wavy not fully curled.

Once you have curled these sections Spritz some of the spray on your hands and rub your hands together, and scrunch your hair. Tousle your hair and get silly, if you must. Hey these kind of waves are fun, might as well have fun forming them. Once you do this you are done!

Enjoy your messy beach waves. Let me know what you think, and let me know if you try them out. 
Have a beautiful day!


  1. Love this! I'm definitely trying it. I just found your blog and I love it :)



    1. Thank you so much for reading! I do advise you to loosely twist the hair because then it will take forever to dry. :)