Weekend Roundup: Hiking Adventure

Hello and good morning. I hope that you spent a lovely weekend doing whatever it is that you all did. I am so excited to be sharing these pictures with you. I had the lovely opportunity to go hiking with one of my best friends whom I have not hung out with in all long time. It was great catching up and doing what we do best. Although our walk up did not allow for conversation due to heavy breathing, when we made it to the top we talked up a storm, and enjoyed the very beautiful view.

I get weak in the knees when I come this close to green and tall trees. I absolutely love the thrill of adventure and trying something new. I love standing on the edge and looking down. It gives me the most exhilarating feeling. This has now become one of my favorite places to be at. I will absolutely be looking for more hiking trails, and then share my experience with you.

How was your lovely weekend? I hope you did something that will allow for some great memories. I hope you all have a wonderful day, and keep smiling.


  1. where was this. the views are stunning. going for a hike is a great way to let of steam and unwind xx

    1. It's in Cali. In Rancho to be specific. It's called North Etiwanda Preserve I believe. The way up is desert and mountains, but when you make it up it looks like a whole different place. :)