Modest Wears: Vintage Birthday Celebration

Every girl needs her very own birthday dress. A special dress that makes her feel beautiful and confident. It's your day, you should be able to walk with confidence on your very own day. I think it should be a law that every girl be given her own special modest dress. A unique and beautiful dress, that makes her look and feel amazing while still remaining modest for her birthday.

Even though what I wrote above sounds like complete nonsense, I do believe that femininity is beautiful. I celebrated my birthday on Sunday, and this is the dress I celebrated it in. Although it wasn't my original thrifted find, I loved it as if it was.

It is amazing what adorable and modest clothes you can find at your local thrift shops. Next time you pass by one, don't be so quick to shrug the clothing off, you can find a lot of beautiful things. All you have to do is keep your eyes open, and you will see. Most of my skirts and dresses were actually purchased at thrift stores. You'll never know until you try it.

Well anyways, I had a lovely time on my birthday, and I got presents from some amazing people, Each gift was truly cherished and I can't thank God enough for placing all of these loving people by my side. I am so grateful for another year that I was given to walk in His path. I never claimed to be perfect, but I do intend to remain faithful until the day He gives me my last breathe. I can no longer picture my life away from the Lord. It is impossible for me to be truly happy and for me to be myself, if I am away from His path.

Well lovelies I hope you continue to have the most wonderful day. May the Lord bless you continually.

Outfit Details: 
Heels: Macy's

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