September on Instagram

Hello Beautiful people! I am so happy to be posting my second month on Instagram. I began this mini series because I thought it would be fun to sum up my entire month in one post. I thought it would be great to reflect on what I have accomplished, and what I experienced.

Unfortunately as you can see I do not have many pictures this month. This is entirely because this month I became extremely busy with life. I had no time to take many pictures, and that I guess in itself can sum up how busy my month was. I do not regret anything that happened in September. I strongly believe that we go through things for a reason. Whether it be to learn lessons or to strengthen our character. I am slowly beginning to adjust to my new "busy" life, but I am still in the process. 

I hope I can post more in October. I am so excited that it's October! October is my favorite month, and no not just because it's my birthday Month, but because I know it's closer to winter. I love October colors, and I love October in general. 

I hope to advance my blog this month, and I hope I do not neglect it any longer. Let's see what this month has in store. Happy October 1st to you all!

 What do you think about October? It's fabulous don't you think? 

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