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Hello my beautiful Kind Hearted beauties. Happy Monday! I hope you are having a wonderful day so far in whatever part of the world and emotional state you find your self in. There are so many wonderful opportunities for all of us out there, and I know it may not seem like enough, but there is all you have to do is grab them.

I am coming to you today with a light and bright sparkly skirt I bought at Burlington from Bobeau. The funny thing is that I didn't even notice it was from Bobeau until I saw the tag after I bought it. I have noticed that a few of my clothing pieces have been from the same brand without me even knowing.

Let me explain what Bobeau is. Bobeau is a brand that usually features clothing with a lot of bright colors and fun patterns. The brand actually gives me a Boho vibe, and I think that is why it appeals to me. It has grown on me so much that I don't even know I'm buying it until I see the label after. You can find Bobeau at any Nordstrum store or rack. You should definitely check it out. I have also noticed that most of their skirts go below the knee, and most of their clothing is very chic and modest.

Well now that I've gone through that my shirt is from xoxo. It came with a little charm on the collar, that made it look like I was wearing a necklace, but it is a clip on, so you can definitely take it off if you wish. I do not wear jewelry, so mine obviously came off.

I think this is a very chic and fun look that can be very warm for Fall. I absolutely fell in love with the lace on this shirt, and with the sparkly material of the skirt. I had to buy the skirt in a bigger size, so it would not be so tight. I know that is something a lot of young ladies who try to dress modestly struggle with. There are many skirts out there but if they are not short they are too tight. One simple elution is to buy the skirt in a bigger size. That is how I solved this problem here.

It is still possible to look chic and Modest. I don't believe that the only way to look trendy is to dress how everyone else dresses. Modesty is beautiful. Don't be embarrassed, and don't try to hide it. Embrace it, and let your beauty shine. Always stay classy.
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