Real Talk: "I'll Only Be Nice to Those Who Deserve it." | The Spirit of Gentleness

Welcome to another Real Talk Session. In today's Real Talk session we will be addressing gentleness. The importance of being gentle with your words, how to be kind to those who aren't kind to you. and what the Bible says about having a gentle spirit. 

I got this real talk topic idea from the Bible App. If you haven't seen my latest vlog, I address the Bible app, and all of it's gloriousness. Click here to see my latest vlog. 

Without further a do let's begin. 

Have you ever felt anger towards someone who has been unfair to you. Ever felt worthless and vulnerable to a person or a group of people who find it okay to hurt others. The sad truth is that there are people in this world who enjoy making people's lives miserable. The other side of that truth is that usually these people are the ones who are fighting really big battles. 

I have gone through plenty of situations in which I face people who aren't necessarily the kindest to me. If any of you know me personally, then you know that I am all about peace, flowers, kittens. and rainbows. I dislike arguments and I dislike confrontations. 

Even though I do not say anything I have been guilty of thinking things about people that I shouldn't. This only happens when a person has been unfair to me. It can be really hard to be kind and humble in these sort of situations. With all of this being said, this message is particularly for me. 

What is a Gentle Spirit? 
A gentle spirit involves humility and gratitude towards God and others. When someone has a gentle spirit they are no longer interested in competition because they understand that it is not about themselves. This means that feelings of anger, jealousy, and revenge no longer engulf the life of those who have a gentle spirit. 

A Gentle Spirit Allows us to Think Before We Speak. 
Proverbs 18:21 states that "The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences." 
This means that the words that come out of our mouth can either help someone or destroy them. I know that it is hard to be kind to someone who does nothing but hurt you on a daily basis, but by allowing gentle words to come out of our mouths we help people see that we are different.

When you allow yourself to answer with gentleness you can soothe anger and you can restore a lot of relationships. 

Always remember that "Reckless words, pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing." Proverbs 12:18

I know that I have often times said something without thinking. Have you ever done this?

Having A Gentle Heart

It is easy to dress up the outer appearance to appear gentle and kind, but what about our hearts? Is your heart truly gentle? God see's what is on the inside, so it is important to allow yourself to be transparent with Him. 

Many have gentle hearts, and many pretend to have gentle hearts. It is important to have a gentle heart because your heart is a reflection of whats in your mind. Whatever you can not stop thinking about, what affects you, and what you love are all things that are determined by what is in your heart. 

How Can I Be Kind to Someone Who Isn't Kind to Me? (Keeping Our Hearts Soft)
I know that it is hard to be nice to someone who is not necessarily kind to you, but there are a few things you can do to brush it all off and remain humble and true to yourself.

Pray: It is only obvious that prayer can do wonders in these kind of situation. Prayer is key for anything and everything. If you pray and ask God to help you so these things won't hurt you then He will. Don't forget to pray for the other person because whatever that other person may be going through can be difficult too. Imagine living your life in jealousy or anger. It does not sound pleasant.

Don't Let it Affect you: I know it can be difficult to not let things affect us, especially if it's someone close to you, but it is important to not let these instances stress us out. If it starts to become a big burden in our lives, then maybe it is time to say goodbye to this relationship. Don't allow it to take over your mind.

Remain Humble: In every situation, always remain humble. I have had plenty of people who don't necessarily love me or like me in the least, but I still smile because what are we supposed to do? We can not make anyone like us, but we can pray for them. Never stop being humble through it all, if you truly did not do anything, then be content with the fact that Jesus knows the situation. He understands, and He is fighting for us. This means that He is protecting you from all harm.

Also in order to remain humble you must truly evaluate the situation. Have you done anything that harms the other person. There have been times where I have hurt people unintentionally, and I only figure it out because I speak to them. Speak up! Ask if everything is okay. Inform this person that you love them, and ask for forgiveness. This may be the hardest step. Especially if you know you did nothing wrong, but this all comes with remaining humble.

Always try to be gentle with everyone. Reflect on your actions. Is there someone whom you know has a gentle heart? What is one of your favorite things about this person? Is there someone who has a hard heart? How is this person's attitude towards you?

Strive to be gentle on a daily basis. Be gentle to those you just met, and be gentle to those whom you have known for years. The true test of a courageous and powerful person is one who is willing to be kind to those who are the complete opposite to them. It is easy to be nice to those who love us, but what about those whom don't necessarily like us? Jesus was willing to be kind to those who hated Him. He was willing to die for all of our sins, even though He knew that many would go against Him.

There are many people in this world, who do not love Jesus and who don't show any sort of interest towards following Christ, and God knew that. God is gentle because He was willing to die for the forgiveness of our sins knowing that we would all fail Him. Keep that in mind.

I hope you enjoyed this short session tonight. I pray that the Lord continues to soften our hearts towards all people. God bless you, and I will see you on our next Real Talk session.

Keep smiling always.

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  1. lovely post. i am not particularly religious but i feel a connection to eastern philosophy and the buddhist notion of loving kindness to all those around us. i really think the idea you said about being gentle is so vital and so important and is easily forgotten about through day-to-day trials and tribulations. i hope in the coming year i can be a little more gentle to others and maybe most importantly to myself xx