The Kindhearted Girl: Meet Caren

How are you all doing on this beautiful Monday afternoon? Remember in my last post, how I mentioned I had plenty of new series planned for TKH? I introduce you to "The Kindhearted Girl" series. In this series I will be introducing you to strong powerful young girls and women who have stories behind their loving smiles. 

I hope you enjoy reading the lovely testimony of these beautiful girls, and I hope they warm and touch your heart. Remember that we can all be Kindhearted girls who fearlessly and zealously love and serve the Lord. 

For today I would like to introduce you to Caren. Caren is a beautiful and strong young girl with a powerful testimony. She is all smiles and laughs, but it wasn't always this way. Caren had to undergo a very difficult spine surgery at the age of 14, but in the midst of all of this she managed to find confidence in the Lord. So let's begin!

Tell us a bit about your testimony? 
I came to the church with a bad attitude. Sadly I didn't want to come and say "my mom made me do it." Then I started to see that every time I attended church I was filled with peace and happiness deep within me during the service. That was a turning point for my life.

I had a spine surgery at the age of 14, and since the surgery I've been on a strong medication, which is a narcotic, called "Norco". Taking that medicine has caused me a lot of stomach problems, blood problems, nerve and head problems. It has even cause pain in my legs, but when I would attend church I would feel a deep relief in my legs and in my body.

I've changed a lot in the year I've been going to church. For me there is absolutely no turning back.

How did you come to the Lord's path? 

Someone that was going to the church I am now attending always sold Tamales to us, at the time my mom needed a place to stay, so she asked him if he knew anyone who had a room? Then he called us a couple days later and told us that his brother-in-law had a room. It just so happened that his brother-in-law was a pastor from Barstow. The Pastor and his wife came from the church I attend now. 

What has been the biggest impact in your life since you started your path with God?

Ever since I got Baptized I always try to keep my spiritual life as great as I can. Every time I pray I ask God to heal me and to take my pain away. 

One morning I woke up and I felt that He took a part of my pain away, then a couple months later again, the pain got less. One Sunday during a service I felt God take my pain away even more, but this time it felt more powerful because the message that Sunday was about how to get over the mountains to where God has your blessing. Now my pain is very mild, and I know I'm closer to being healed each time. I thank him because I'm not where I used to be.

Tell us a bit about your ministry in church? 

My ministry is with the Kitchen. Bringing supplies and making sure that its clean after every service. I also make sure to show love to our new guest.

What advice can you give young girls who may be struggling with their Spiritual lives?

Do everything with prayer. A strong spiritual life consists of prayer and spending time with God. Don't believe that God doesn't hear you because He does. I used to think that God didn't love me, and I used to think that He didn't hear my prayers, But I now know that He does love me, and I know that He will answer me. It's so amazing because He does it on His own time.

Wow! What an inspirational young girl don't you agree? Caren is also the assistant leader for a Bible Study in our church. She is doing a great job assisting her leader, and she does a wonderful job when she gives lessons. She always makes sure that she is prepared well for the study, and does not hesitate to spread the word and love of the Lord to the youth in her Bible Study. 

This is a precious young girl who has such a deep love for God. You can see the beauty and light coming off of her. I know that she is definitely a "Kindhearted Girl" because she stands up for what she believes in even if it means she is standing alone, and she works hard to make a difference in this world and in the lives of others. 

If there is anyone who is struggling with something as painful as Caren, I would just like to tell you that you will overcome it. There is nothing that the Lord can't do. He has the power to heal and rescue you from any situation. I also want to let you know that no one is too young to work for the Lord. Caren is only 16 years old, and she works hard for the Lord, and is happy doing it. 

Don't limit yourself. Remember that you are capable of doing so much. I believe that Caren is healed in the Name of Jesus. Any sickness that may be upon anyone is gone in the name of Jesus. Remember that we have the Doctor of Doctors and the King of Kings on our side. 

Any situation we may be facing is all in the hands of the Lord. Whatever may happen just praise the Lord in the midst of it all. 

Thank you so much Caren for sharing your story and your advice to anyone who may be reading, and a big thank you for anyone reading this testimony and post. Let me know what you think of this series. May the Lord bless you all. 

Keep smiling.
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  1. So beautiful I love reading about how many have come to the path of God. what a strong young girl. God bless.

    1. Aww Amen! Praise the Lord! Thank you for reading! :)

  2. This truly opened my eyes I am only 13 and I really love this. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Aww no thank you for reading! Honestly. It doesn't matter how old one is. You are never to young to love and serve Jesus.
      xo Lizzie :)