A Southern Adventure

Hey Ya'll. I hope you all had a lovely week last week. For many of you that don't know I had the opportunity to go to the South last week. I was able to attend an event called BOTT, which stands for, Because of the Times. This event is held every year in Alexandria Louisiana. It holds a load of conferences for leaders and ministers of all over from the Apostolic Pentecostal organization. The church is huge, the choir is amazing, and everyone is so anointed and humble.

This event is so big that the whole city waits for the church to create the event and the dates, and then the city creates their whole calendar based around the church's calendar. Everywhere you go, you see Pentecostals. It is quite a lovely experience.

While I was in the south I also had the opportunity to visit Houston Texas, Baton Rouge, and the Mississippi river. I visited NASA, an art and planetarium, a large mall called Galleria which offers an ice skating rink for all it's visitors, and I even went shooting. Yes I can say that I have held and shot a gun. It was a bit overwhelming at first, but then I felt comfortable and felt like a Charlie's Angel.

I had a great time this last week, but I am also very happy to finally be home. I hope you enjoy all of the lovely pictures I took, and don't forget to watch my video wrap-up here.


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