Dear Depression, An Open Letter to An Old Friend

Dear Depression,

I know it's been a while since you and I have spent time together. It feels a bit strange that I am writing you this letter right now because we have been apart for quite some time. I used to know everything about you, but now we have become distant. In fact, it is more than that, we don't even cross paths anymore.

I still can't believe that our friendship lasted for as long as it did. I knew you from when I was 6 years old, and our friendship lasted up until I turned 21. Although it would seem like you would be in and out of my life, I am now certain that our friendship has ended. You see up until the New year rang in you tried to make your way into my life again. You tried to be a part of my life, but I don't think I could let you in any longer.

Remember our friendship. It was a strong friendship. I held on to you for 15 years. I was only a little girl when you walked into my mind, and you watched me grow into the person I am today. You would keep me up at night, and you would whisper sharp love notes in my ear. You held me tight and you would constantly remind me of my failures while still embracing me. I never understood the games you would play. You would tell me I was worthless and you told me that no one wanted me. I honestly opened the door for you. I allowed you in, and even though you would hurt me constantly, I still kept opening that door for you.

There came a point in my life, where I felt useless, and you agreed. You said I was useless. You caressed me and told me that you loved, but you continued to hurt me with your words. Every time I would try to leave you, you would make your way into my mind all over again. Darkness enveloped me, and even when I came to God, and tried to forget about our friendship, you would still talk your way in. You're amazing with your words you know that. They are powerful and convincing.

I can honestly say that I don't miss you. I have found new friends. They are hope, love, and strength. They are now my friends, and instead of reminding me of my failures they encourage me to move forward and try harder. They push me closer to God, the One whom you would constantly try to push me away from. The One whom you would constantly make me question. You see they understand how important God is. They help me, and they wipe my tears and remind me of my bright future. They remind me of my worth.

So depression, my old friend. We can never be friends ever again. In fact, I will no longer call you my friend at all because friends are supposed to help each other, and you never helped me once. You only made me see the sad and the ugly. It's time to move on from my past, and it is time to think about my present life with God. I have let you go completely, and I am never looking back.

Goodbye depression, I command you to stay out of my life, family's life, and my friends' life. You are no longer welcome in my life or in theirs.


If you are struggling with depression or if you know someone who is struggling with depression, I just want to tell you that there is a way out. Hold on to the Lord, and declare your victory in the name of Jesus. Watch my video in which I give 5 tips on overcoming depression. These tips are not coming from a mouth of a professional, but they did help me tremendously when I was struggling with depression.

Most importantly always remember that God loves you. You are not alone, and you will overcome.

Keep smiling,
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  1. Great advice!!!! I'm curious to know your testimony! Have you always been in church?

    1. Definitely shoot me an email so we can chat! My email is