Friday Faves: Tumblr Edition and New Video

It's Friday! Happy Friday to you. Today is Friday Faves day, and I am featuring a Tumblr edition. These are all pictures that I have reblogged on my Tumblr. It is just a snippet of all the wonderful and glorious pictures I have found on Tumblr. 

I feel so lame because I just found out what Tumblr was. It is amazing everyone. You guys can go follow my Tumblr if you want. It is on the sidebar. Also, I have been asked a few questions already. I posted one up above that someone asked, and I just wanted to share to see who else needed that warm advice. Always remember that God is the one who deserves the glory. 

Anything and everything I do is for the glory of God, and I never wish to call the glory upon myself. With that being said, I am not claiming to know everything nor am I claiming to be right or perfect. All I know is I love Jesus and I want to serve Him with my whole heart and with my whole life. 

I also have a brand new video! In case you haven't already noticed. I will be posting every Friday on my YouTube channel. Sometimes during the week.  If you want to see it click on the video tab up above. I hope you all enjoy. Be blessed and have a wonderful weekend. I love you all. 

Keep Smiling!
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