Friday Faves

I hope your week was wonderful. I have had a very busy, but productive week. I am pleased with everything I have accomplished this week. Are you? Here a few of my favorite picks this week. Hope you all have a lovely weekend. Well Enjoy!

Favorite Verse:

Favorite Messy Hairstyle: by Barefootblonde

Favorite Pup Picture: The snowy kind

Favorite Activity: READING!

Favorite Place: On the road, traveling.

 Favorite Expression: Laughter

Favorite Baby Clothing: A little bear smile.

 Favorite Wedding Picture: The woodsy kind

What are some of your favorites? Always keep smiling.

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  1. Heeeey Lizzy!!! I just discovered your blog...I LOVE are TOO CUTE!!! I added you to my blog list!!! if you have a chance come check my blog out! God Bless!!! Purrrrr

  2. btw I don't have comments on my blog but you can always email me at

    1. Hey Mary, I checked out your blog. It is so bright and cheerful. Thank you so much for the sweet comment. Praise the Lord! :)