God, The Writer

I read a touching blog post today that really made me feel something special. I am constantly looking at Christian articles and Christian blogs because even though I have one, it is always nice to read someone else's writing for a change. I am truly grateful for all of these Christian bloggers who allow themselves to be used by God on a daily basis. These wonderful talented people reach out to many through their words.

There are countless blogs on the internet, but none can compare to the anointed blogs. These are the blogs that are filled with inspiration. These are the blogs that make people feel something. The ones that ignite a fire deep within someones soul and impulses people to make a difference. Those are the ones that mean something to me. Pictures are paintings; they are illustrations captured by another human being. Writing is the same. They paint impeccable images and on rare occasions they make people feel something special.

The article I read was titled, "The Pages That are Hard to Write" it was written by Juli Wilson, you can read it here.

Julie shares a very interesting and touching story that truly touched my heart. She endured something difficult. She explains in her post how she was so close to adopting a young child who meant so much to her. This child was going to be aborted by the mother, but Julie convinced the mother to keep the child. The mother then asks Juli and her husband if they could adopt the child, and they accepted. Then two days before the baby is due, the offer is taken away from them. She didn't understand why this happened. Why God allowed her and her husband to get attached to this child. She would constantly ask God why? Juli then explains that the simple fact that the baby was given a shot at life has been more of a blessing than anything else.

Do you see how God works? Sometimes we are thrown into the most difficult situations, but we never actually take a step back to see the bigger picture. God had a wonderful way of making things work out. In the story above, Juli and her husband, were the light in this young child's life. From the very beginning, God had and still has a purpose for that child.

It can be heartbreaking, but just understand that through it all God has a wonderful plan. And He never allows anything terrible to happen to His children. In fact, He makes all things work together for our good. God's ways are higher than ours.

I know that it can be difficult because we have all endured something that we wish we never did. We have all felt something that we shouldn't of felt. The truth of the matter is, God is the writer. He writes every single page in our lives. He started the first page, and He will certainly give us our ending as it should be. It might not be what we expected, but it sure is better than anything we could ever write.

What areas of your life are you finding hard to understand at this moment? Is there something that you are questioning? Allow God to finish writing what He has started. Always have faith in Him because what we see is certainly not what He sees. God bless you all.

Keep smiling always.
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