It's Okay to Be Messy Updo

Have you ever spilled something on your beautiful light pink skirt? Have you ever had a room that wasn't necessarily the cleanest? Have you ever dropped barbecue sauce on a white blouse? Unfortunately I have done these three things. Not so fun, but I want to tell you that although it isn't okay to be messy in certain occasions, it is okay to be messy when it comes to updos.

Yes. Sometimes the messier the hair, the more beautiful it is. I have a big problem with my hair being messy. I always try to find a way to make my "messy updos" or "messy curls" neater. So bear with me as I try to explain how to recreate this messy updo that was actually inspired by a pin on Pinteerest. Let's begin!

You will begin by grabbing a section from the front of your hair. This will be our chunky braid. Of course with any updo, you have to add a braid to make it complete. When you have completed your braid tug away, tug away, tug away. Typical stuff.

Next you will grab a section from the crown of your head and you will bobby pin this section to make it appear like a half-do. 

Then grab sections from your hair and wrap them around your middle finger and your index finger once. You will do this with the top sections. Then bobby pin them down. (as you can see I did not wrap the entire section around. We will be doing that in the next step. 

Continue grabbing the remaining sections and create little loose buns it's okay for them to be messy. Remember that the whole point of this hairstyle is so that it could be messy. Without the mess their is no messy updo. 

I hope you are still with me. If so, continue pinning. When you have grabbed every single section it should look similar to the picture on the left. Of course keep in mind that my messy updo is not going to look exactly like your messy up do. Mess can not be recreated the exact same way. I know, how aggravating right? 

Lastly grab the chunky braid and wrap it over and around the mess. Hide your bobby pins, hide your braid's tail, and you are done! Taaaddaaa! 

If you are still confused I apologize for confusing you. I hope you understood. Well my family. I love you all. Let me know what you think. 
Keep smiling. 

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