Soft Hues, Winter Breezes, and Tumblr

Today I am featuring these very pixelated photos. The weather is getting a bit warmer now. I have no idea why winter wants to leave me so soon, but it is. I am not ready for the weather to get warmer just yet, but unfortunately it is going to happen. With that being said, I chose to go out in the not to so cold weather a little late and took these pictures. I actually enjoy the effect it left in the pictures though.

I am extremely blessed. I feel so refreshed and renewed. Our church is reading the Bible together, and I honestly feel amazing. I am loving this New Year so far. How is everything on your side of things?

Also, I have a quick announcement, I have made a Tumblr. I was unsure if I should because I have no idea how to work it. I feel like it's Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest all in one. I love it so far. I have also added an ask box for you all who have any sort of questions or requests. I feel like it makes it easy for me to connect with you all.

Any ways you all should follow my Tumblr, I am having so much fun posting inspiration and pretty pictures. The link is on my sidebar, or you can click here.

I hope you are doing lovely. Have a wonderful rest of the day my friends. Also don't forget to check out my latest YouTube video. Click the "videos" tab above.

Wow! I just realized that was self-promoting at it's best! Sorry about that. Anyway. Have a lovely day my kindhearted family!

Keep smiling always.

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