7 Study Tips for the Easily Distracted

So you want to get good grades this semester, but you have a hard time trying to focus because let's face it: Netflix and Instagram are much more interesting than the books we are reading. I have been there plenty of times. I have come to accept that I get easily distracted by things. Sometimes my distractions are accepted by me which causes me to procrastinate. Wow! Distractions and procrastination - both of those don't mix well for any student.

I have had such a tough time in school these past few years, but I know that giving up is out of the question. I don't know if anyone else has felt overwhelmed by their distractions and grades as much as I have. If so, don't worry because I have compiled 10 tips that have been helping me focus on my work lately. So let's get started!

1. Create A Schedule: 
Yes in order to keep track of your study time, you need to accumulate a schedule that is fit for your lifestyle. I take most of my courses online, this means that I am to make time for teaching myself or hearing lecture videos, and I have to make time for homework. By creating a schedule and setting a specific time for studying, you are taking the first step to getting something done.

2. Have a Study Spot: 
Have you ever experienced something and listened to a song, and then years later when you hear that song you are filled with the same emotions you felt when you experienced such thing. If you pick a specific area to study, you will be reminded that this spot of yours is for studying only. Having a study spot, can help train your mind to stay focused on your books.

3. Disconnect and Re-connect
I know I know! This is the hardest one for me. Social media and being online is my main distraction. Especially with Twitter and Trivia Crack; I have had a hard time putting my phone down. I assure you that if you turn off your phone, or silence it, or even if you keep your phone in a separate room, you will notice a drastic change in your attentive level and grades. Disconnect from these websites, and re-connect with your studies.

4. Don't Study Alone 
This one can be kind of tricky, and it is totally based on individual preferences. If you feel like you would work better with a study group or a study buddy, then what are you waiting for? Call up some friends and meet up at the library or local coffee shop and study away. If you feel like this would only distract you more, then I think it is better for you to study alone. Be honest with yourself, and choose wisely.

5. Take Breaks: 
It is okay to take breaks. Especially if you feel like you are getting distracted by something irrelevant. Take a break and have a snack. Once you are relaxed, tackle your assignments once again. Take as many breaks as your need, but again keep in mind that your study time is precious. Don't make any excuse to take a break, remember your priorities.

6. Quiz Yourself: 
It is good to quiz yourself on occasion. This will help ensure that you have understood your assignment completely. Have you ever read a page over-and-over because your mind kept going on to other things? You can quiz yourself after reading a paragraph or two, this can help eliminate your distractions. You can also write notes after each paragraph if that helps.

7. Reward Yourself: 
Go ahead and buy yourself some Ice-cream, coffee, tea, or whatever makes you happy. If you love reading, then reward yourself with a brand new book or with some quiet reading time. Whatever it may be, just do it because you deserve it! You have made it through your study time, and whose to say you can't give yourself a little gift.

We often get distracted because we don't have the motivation we need to continue. Always go back to what it is you want to achieve. When you have a goal set, you will do anything to achieve it. Don't stress yourself out, and don't think of yourself less than those who seem like they have mastered how to study. Focus on what you are doing, and remember that sometimes the only thing that is holding you back is the doubt you have in yourself.

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  1. Very inspiring! Every point is spot on! How true, the thing that holds one back is the doubt they have in themselves.

    1. Yes! Sad but true. The good thing is that in order to change that, our mentality needs to change - which can be done. Thank you so much for reading!

  2. I definitely needed this. Midterms are kicking my butt but I am confident if I buckle down I can recover. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes definitely agree. I just started a new semester, and I am already overwhelmed. Thank you for reading! :)

  3. These are great tips and all thing I utilized when I was finishing my degree! I am definitely a huge fan of rewarding yourself after you get tasks done! (I usually reward myself with an episode of a TV show I'm watching)

    1. And you are an inspiration Chels! That sounds like the perfect reward! :)

  4. rewarding yourself <3 yes! when i was in college i would always stop for fro-yo or a facebook/instagram binge haha.

    when i do my quiet times, i have to put my phone on airplane mode so it prevents me from getting distracted and i consciously have decided that i am NOT going to let my attention be divided.

    Thanks for these....cause, well, i am so easy distracted. :)