February on Instagram

Hello friends! I was a little bummed out because I only had a few pictures to show for February. When I started the year I promised myself I would never stop creating. This year was going to be a year dedicated to serving the Lord wholeheartedly and creating. I was going to take chances and do what I do best. I have lacked motivation for a while, this is why my February Instagram wrap-up is rather lonesome.

I want to pick up my camera a little more in March. I know that I need it because it is truly something I love to do. I have been debating starting one of those monthly photo challenges because I am afraid I will not complete it. I dislike starting something without finishing it, but I will see what I do.

I did have a ton of fun in February. I started school again, fed my iced coffee addiction. Collaborated with Hello Awesome, and reminisced about my Louisiana trip. I am ready to see what March has in store. Let me know what you would like to see. Also do not miss my newest video on the Youtube.

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  1. Cute pictures!
    I like how you did a collage. I might do something like that for my Instagram recap next month. Great idea!