Mini Delights: Tumblr

Hey cool-cats — today I am introducing a new series called Mini Delights! This is a simple way to show you all what I am currently obsessing over. If possible I will provide links to where you can purchase the more materialistic things, but it won't always be about that. It can also feature photographs, websites, videos, or even GIFS. Yes I love GIFS!

Anyway here are my Mini Delights via Tumblr.

[ Iced Coffee, hats, and Muffins by Sleepy Film ]

[ Sweet Photographs by The Shiny Squirrel ]

[ Happy Love by Make Time to Time ]

[ Gorgeous Florals by Silly-Luv ]

These have been my current obsessions over on Tumblr. I love beautiful pictures, so seeing these make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I hope they make you feel the same. 

 photo thissigman_zps91dce4b7.png

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