Cassey Ho's "Hot Body Year Round" Book Review

It is rare to find a workout plan that you actually feel motivated to stick to. 1 year ago I stumbled upon a highly enthusiastic youtuber who not only made killer workout videos, but one who also encouraged her viewers while enduring the pain that is Pilates.

This is the day I fell in love with Pilates and decided that I wanted to give it a try. Cassey Ho has definitely made a big impact in the lives of many young women struggling to get healthy. I have seen how Cassey has been growing tremendously, and to think that all of this started with one video on Youtube, and a young girl who was determined to follow her dreams.

Cassey's book is helpful, insightful, and addicting. I loved the concept, and I truly feel like I could hear her enthusiastic voice coming alive throughout this book. Hot Body Year Round consists of delicious recipes, exercises, and meal plans set for every season.

What impacted me the most was reading her story. It was truly inspirational to see how she never gave up even when everyone around her had clearly given up on her. The book also has inspirational letters fit for those days when it feels like you don't have strength to continue.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to start their fitness journey and doesn't necessarily know how and where to begin. What I absolutely love about Pilates is that you can do it in the comfort of your own home with no weights. Cassey also always makes sure to demonstrate easier alternatives to exercises for beginners. If you hunger to get motivated to work out then what are you waiting for? This would definitely be a great jump start to your fitness journey.

Hot Body Year Round is your ULTIMATE exercise and nutrition guide to living a fit, happy, and healthy life while sculpting your HOTTEST body.
Cassey will show you how to stay motivated throughout the year, no matter what the challenges are. You will get:

- 120 of Cassey's BEST total body transforming exercises
- The complete POP Pilates exercise library - fully photographed and easy to follow
- 20 full length workouts
- 40 brand new, ridiculously delicious & nutritious recipes
- Foods for beautiful hair, skin, and nails
- 4 complete clean eating meal plans & grocery lists that complement each season
- Cassey's personal daily meal plan
- Motivational tips to stay inspired year-round
- 256 pages of full color, glossy inspiration

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*** I received this book from Blogging for Books in return for an honest review****

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