My Shower Essentials | April 2015 Spring Edition

Hello everyone here are a few shower products I have been loving! I am a big fan of trying new things and products are definitely one of those thing. I mean how else are we supposed to know whether we like something or not. I know I have been a little MIA from this blog, but I have great posts planned for the month of May, and I am so ready to get it started. Let's begin!

// From Left to Right: 
Dove Go Fresh Revive - $5.49
I love the scent of this body wash, and it always leaves my skin feeling extra soft. The lovely thing about the Dove Go Fresh line is that there are different scents. I have yet to try them all, but I am excited to do so. At the moment I have the pomegranate scent, and it is one of my favorites.

Gillette® Venus Sensitive Sensible Disposable Razor  - $2.89
I am not very picky with razors, but I have to say that these do a great job at doing what they are supposed to do. For some reason I did not put the shaving cream I use in the photo above, but a friend once told me that she used conditioner as a shaving cream replacement. When I run out of shaving cream, I use conditioner and let me tell you that it leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft. Give it try, you might just like it.

This product I featured in my morning routine on the YouTube! I mentioned how much I love the tingly feeling it gave me and I still do. It makes me feel like it's doing it's job. I have been using this product for a while, and I love it. It's a scrub, so it removes blackheads, and feels minty on my face. On those super hot days, I like to wash my face midday because my face gets really oily, and this definitely does the job and removes all of that excess oil.

I love trying different shampoos and conditioners and this month I went for the Herbal Essence Totally Twisted Shampoo. My hair is straight, so I think I might of gone for the wrong shampoo, but it smells delicious. This shampoo also leaves my soft and manageable. I have a problem with shampoo leaving my hair staticky, and I must say that this one has not done that to my hair.

There you go. I hope you enjoyed reading a little about what shower products I have been into this season so far. As I mentioned I try many things, so I am excited to try new things and share them with you. Let me know if you try these products on yourself, or please leave recommendations on what I should try.  Thank you for reading! Have a lovely weekend.

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  1. I also use the Dove Body wash! It smells amazing. xD

  2. I've used the clean&clear scrub! However, I've recently gone into more natural methods for skin care.
    Your blog is amazing though!
    -Jay xx
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    1. Please share your natural methods! I would definitely love some new pointers. :)