Allowing God to Take Center Stage - Open Journal

There is something that has been tugging at my heart for a few weeks. Ever since I took the step forward to expand this blog into something more than an open journal, I've received good and not so good feedback. Not only from strangers, but from the people closest to me. Words and self expression has always come easily to me, and it wasn't until one of my friends told me that I could use this talent for something more that I decided to do something about it.

Why not use my voice to inspire and reach? This blog is not about gaining exposure for myself. I have always tried my absolute best to exalt God in all that I do. I pray for this blog endlessly and I pray for humility in the midst of it all because I never want to be the one people follow. I just want to be an instrument in the hands of God.

For the longest time, I felt useless and worthless in God's kingdom because I had no talents like everyone else. I stutter a bit when I try to get my point across and I struggle with my words when I speak, but when I write it's a whole different story.

Many may not understand, but writing is a part of me. Like a light bulb, as much as I try to cover it with my hands, it shines through the cracks of my fingers. It is forever a part of me, and that will never change.

It hurts to have people you love shut you down or stop believing in you. It hurts to have people who feel that this is nothing but a hobby. It hurts to have people who try to make it a competition. It is no competition, and it is certainly more than a hobby.

There are dozens of bloggers, writers, authors, each of which bring their own visions to life with every single word. That's what makes it special. Writing is broad, but it brings meaning to everything.

One day I received a message from a beautiful pastors wife who was visiting our church. I didn't know you were a writer", she said. "You are special", she said. Those words hit home with me because for such a long time I felt like I had such a meaningless talent.

I want God to take center stage. Maybe you are in the same position as myself. If you were born with the creative bug and have always felt out of place with any job, position, or ministry; God has given you the spirit of creativity. If that is the case, don't worry, you too can be used by God. Whether it be in writing, filming, drawing, hand lettering, designing, fashion, painting, photography, even social media. God can use any talent.

Always allow Him to take center stage in all that you do. Here are a few places where I ask God to take center stage:

When I Speak
When I Sing
When I make Decisions
When I make new Friendships
When I Walk
When I Write
When I Create
While I Live
When I am Gone

I pray that God takes the stage in all parts of my life. I pray that my moment spent here on earth is spent in His presence and in His great love. I also pray to leave behind a legacy of love. I know this post was a bit different, but I think I will post more of these diary-like posts because it feels good to let everything out.

I encourage you to create. Create and be unique. Whatever it is that you love to do, if you love helping people then help away. Make an impact in all that you do, and never hold back just because some people have stopped believing. Let Go of the negatives, and hold on to God.

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  1. Wow this is beautiful. For such a long time I felt the exact same way. it feels good to know that im not alone. Thanks for writing this beautiful piece. You are truly an inspiration.

    1. Praise the Lord! It is through His grace and mercy that we are strengthened each and every day. God has a special purpose for you just as He has for everyone. Thank you so much for reading, and for your humbling words. :)