Grungy and Chic // Basquiat

I am more of a floral and stripes type of gal, but every now and then I enjoy taking a walk on the darker side of fashion. I love the elegance of black, and the simplicity of white. This look I am showing you today is inspired by the beauty that is black and white. The shirt I am wearing was actually found by accident. My little sister came to visit about two months ago, and she accidentally left this Basquiat shirt behind.

I had no idea what the shirt meant, but I just knew that it looked really interesting and artsy, so I liked it. I searched up the name and the brand, and it turns out that this shirt was inspired by a famous artist from New York City. I may live in California, but I know I am a NYC girl by heart, so as soon as I found out this particular artist was from NYC I was enthralled immediately.

 Jean-Michel Basquiat, the artist, spoke about controversial things in his time. He would speak up about segregation, poverty, wealth, and integration. Another interesting thing about Basquiat is that he was not only an artist, but a musician, and a producer as well. I am not very familiar with his paintings or his music, but I found it incredibly interesting that I had one of his shirts in my hands.

What is the most interesting thing you have found about your clothing pieces? Also, what do you think of grungy fashion? Are you a grunge fanatic, or are you like me and prefer more girly or nerdy looking styles?
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  1. I love grunge! Your outfit is perfection. xD

    1. Grunge is definitely something I have to look more into. Not really my thing, but it doesn't hurt to try something new right? :) Thank you so much for reading! :)