9 Reasons Why You Need to Keep Persevering

There comes a time when you lose hope and begin to question yourself and your circumstances. It is during this time that you begin to question the meaning of perseverance. I have gone through this plenty of times, and I have come to realize that as amazing as the word sounds, perseverance is difficult.

It isn't something that is easily achieved. Perseverance means moving forward despite continual delay and difficulties. That already sounds like a hard task, but I wanted to give you a quick reminder today as to why you should continue to persevere.

Let's just say this came to me as I was praying for my home and family. For such a long time I have lost hope in happiness and freedom in my family and in myself, and I began to feel comfortable. Well it is time to take a stand and fight for our happiness and persevere. Here are 9 reasons as to why you must keep persevering.

1. If You Quit Now, You Will Miss Out On Your Success: Think about it, if you decide to give up you will never actually achieve the goal you wanted to achieve. Quitters can not achieve success because as soon as something gets tough they back down. So quitting will not make your situation better, in fact, you will feel a lot more upset because you missed out on your success.

2. Things Aren't As Bad As They Seem: Even though things seem extremely difficult at the moment, remember that in the future it will not be as bad. I have gone through my fair share of heartbreaks and regrets, and I remember feeling like I could never overcome these moments, but as I look back at them now I understand that these moments were not as bad as they seemed. You can and you will come out strong from this tough time, trial, or weakness you are facing.

3. Quitting Makes You Comfortable: As mentioned earlier quitting does not reap great rewards in fact it reaps the exact opposite. When you quit, you get comfortable. Although feeling comfortable is not a bad thing, it can make you miss out on so much. I have seen so many people who have become so comfortable that they fail to use their gifts and talents to their full potential.

4. It's Time to Stop Making Excuses: Sometimes we have to learn to stop making excuses for ourselves and take the initiative. Saying that we can't persevere because we are too sad is not a good excuse. We sometimes have to stand up and toughen up in order to move on.

5. No One Else Can Persevere For You: Although it would be nice if someone else could persevere for us while we wallow in our misery and pessimism, this isn't a real thing. If you don't persevere, no one else can do it for you.

6. It's Time To Stop Feeling Sorry, and It's Time to Fight For Your Accomplishments: This is the one that hits me the most. Sometimes I become so dependent of people that I base my happiness and strength on them. This does not do me any good. It is time to fight for your future, your beliefs, and your goals. Although these three I know and strongly believe are up to my Father in Heaven. I will fight for my freedom, my family, and my beliefs as long as it takes. Sometimes you have leave the pity party, and join the warriors in battle.

7. What Do You Have To Lose? This is easy, absolutely nothing. You have nothing to lose. In fact, I believe the only way you lose in any situation is by giving up.

8. It's Time To Hang on to Optimism: You will begin to see that when you hang on to optimism perseverance becomes ten times easier. Perseverance will also produce optimism. These two work hand in hand.

9. You Will Exemplify Great Strength of Character: Not only will you feel accomplished, but you will also be a great example to those around you. You never know who is looking up to you, and persevering can not only help you, but it can help others achieve the exact same thing.

Whether you are currently going through a difficult time, or if you need a good reminder as to why you started your new workout plan, always remember the main reason why you started your journey. Remember your purpose and your goals, and don't let circumstances, pessimism, or even people steer you away from your goal. Always keep fighting family!

What are your thoughts on perseverance?

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  1. Wow. I love this! I just might print out your list and keep it as a daily reminder to stay positive and persevere. I especially love what you said about how you will exemplify great strength of character! We have the ability to affect others around us through our actions and words. Showing that you can persevere can be so inspiring to others! Loving your blog btw :)

    1. Wow! I totally agree with you! We do have the power to affect those around us! By the way, I have fallen in love with your blog! :)

  2. Love this! Definitely encouraging.

  3. needed this! i'm one to quit too soon...i loved this post and it brightened my day! xo