Simple + Twisted French Updo

Alright ladies this updo is seriously one of my favorite updos I have ever tried. My favorite thing about it? You guessed it: simplicity. Ya'll know I am a complete fan of fast hairstyles. Another thing that makes it extra special and dear to my heart, is the simple little side braid that wraps around the bun.

Here's what you will need: 

  • 2 Elastics
  • Bobby Pins
  • and very little time! (Trust me!)

 Ready to see how it's done? Let's take a look.

Step by Step Guide: 
1. Part: Separate a chunk of hair from whichever side you please. (This will be the braid that wraps around the bun)
2. French Braid: French braid the large section of hair. (If you do not know how french braid watch this tutorial:
3. Twist: Twist the braid you just created, oh so beautifully, into a bun.
4. Bobby Pin: Bobby pin around the bun as little or as much as you need.
5. Braid Again: Grab the smaller section of hair you parted and braid that normally.
6. Wrap it all up: Wrap the small braid around the bun you created earlier

Let me know what you think!

 photo thissigman_zps91dce4b7.png


  1. This is so pretty! I'm always looking for updos so I will try this!

  2. Beautiful! Although with my curly hair I might need more like 100 bobby pins. This would be perfect for a second day hairstyle at work! Thanks for sharing!