April: 6 Things To Try This Month

Happy April and Happy Spring! I did not officially welcome Spring in March like I should have, but I am writing another mini month bucket list. I absolutely enjoy doing these because unlike a broad bucket list, this one actually encourages me to do things before the end of the month. Therefore since it is a smaller list of tasks, I do actually complete everything on the list, and I feel very accomplished at the end of the month.

But besides keeping me busy, it is also a great way to try new things and new adventures. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do! Well I won't keep you too long, let's get on with our list:

1. Indulge in Detox Waters:

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I am very happy to know that detox waters are still very popular. I love how fresh and natural they are, and one of my favorite things about them is that you can change up the flavor to whatever you want. From minty zest, to sweet strawberry flavored, the options are endless. You can also do a simple Pinterest search to get ideas for new flavors. The most amazing thing about them is all of the benefits they have for your health. Some of my favorites are the ones from Cassey Ho, which you can find here. You can also check out my pineapple refresher recipe here.

2. Spring Cleaning:
Photo found on Pinterest // Wall Mural sold at Etsy

Spring is where everything blossoms. It is also a fresh new start. Why not use this month to clean that pantry you've been neglecting, or to redecorate your room. You can even spruce up your home or even your desk with natural flowers for a fresh new start.

3. Read a New Book:

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I have been neglecting books lately, but I really want to get back to reading. Why not grab a brand new book to read and enjoy some down time. I usually love looking at the NY Times Bestseller list, to see what everyone is reading at the moment. Sometimes you find some really good ones.

4. Get Things Done:
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Get yourself a to-do list and actually complete every single task on your list. I am trying my absolute best to find time for school, church, job, and hobbies. Plus, I am also trying to find time to do some wedding planning! I do find it easier to make a to-do list and cross off each task as it's being completed. If you have a hard time getting things done, you might want to try this too. This month is the month to get things done.

5. Challenge Yourself Physically:
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Have you been wanting to change your lifestyle or eating habits, well this month is the perfect month to start. I recommend some Blogilates. Cassey's workouts are the perfect combination of intense yet totally fun, and her bubbly personality will make you feel even more awake and ready to work.

6. Memorize Some Scriptures:
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Just how this is the month to work hard physically, it is also the month to work hard spiritually, Spend some time each day trying to memorize the Word of God. I love reading proverbs, and I've been trying my best to read a least one chapter of proverbs. But of course you can choose to read whichever chapter you please.

April is the month of growth lovlies. Let's work hard and get things done. What are you most excited to try this month?

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